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MASLab pop-up
MAS Paints hosts a pop-up at the Making Space
Step into the world of MASLab where you will be encouraged to play and get your hands dirty, as you learn about the creation process of mixing non-toxic paints.

Come and join us in The Maker Space as we encourage you to step inside the MASLab pop up paint factory, put on your lab coat, roll up your sleeves and get ready to get your hands dirty. 

MAS have brought their own colour philosophy to life with a wide array of non-toxic pigments that you can experiment with to create your own completely unique colour. Learn, see and feel the pigment and get inside the process of creating some of the 2000+ paints they have been producing  for over 30 years.

Once visitors have created their own unique colour, they will be invited to leave their own unique colour imprint and enter the competition to name the latest range of MAS decorative paints.
All ages welcome   |  Free entry
About MAS Paints & Chemical Industries
MAS is a leading Italian brand of high-quality wood paints; wood top coatings; special effect wood paints and dyes; decorative textured paints and finishing products. MAS offers a range of solutions to meet all specific demands.
Thursday 15 November 2018
4:00 - 6:00pm
The Workshop is brought to you by
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