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15 November 2017



60 Minutes

How to make a Conservation Plan: 

Lead by:

Amel Chabbi |Monica Mazzolani |George Arbid |Andrea Canziani


The Outcome:

The workshop, offered both to specialists and non specialists, identifies conservation goals and spreads awareness of conservation as a tool for protecting heritage and for promoting a community identity.



2 tables of 5 to 6 participants

2 Tutors each



With the help of images and plans the tutors introduce a case study - a modern architecture achievement and explain its characteristics 

  • Engage participants in listing the features that they consider peculiar to the building’s identity

  • Analyse features and discuss in order to understand which actions are needed to keep, retrieve, protect and save projects from degradation

  • From the discussion, the building features are also analysed as liabilities for conservation, and discuss how a maintenance strategy that involves new uses or transformations should aim at keeping them unaltered as much as possible

  • The workshop offers participants assessment tools to better understanding what a Conservation plan is expected to achieve


          End of Session