14 November 2017




Conservation of Architecture in the 21st Century: 

An application of six realities in the study of architectural heritage and their use in the transformation of existing buildings


Lead by:

Idrees Rasouli | Sophie Johnson | Joaquin Busch

Six Realities:

3D Printing  |  Augmented  |  Virtual  |  Mixed-use  |  Simulation  |  Tentative

The Outcome:

Experimenting with and using technology and tools to transform existing buildings — participants will be put in teams to use a particular tool or set of tools and experiment with their understanding/skills in remodelling of existing buildings


The focus:

A workshop for learning how to:

Initiate  Develop  Iterate  Validate



20 participants

4 tables (4 participants and 1 staff)


Guest/staff to have:

1x laptop (preferably Windows 10)

Downloaded/access to Unity software/app

Downloaded/access to SketchFab software/app

1x webcam (for free flow)

Access to internet



This is gradual/sequential as per below -

15 minutes introduction to workshop + setup of each table (participants)

15 minutes Augmented Reality

15 minutes Virtual Reality

15 minutes Mixed Reality

Final 15/30 minutes selected people from each table to experience Holo lens, and discussion


          END OF SESSION          

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