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Green Vision

Green Vision is Our Possible Future 

It is said that Mars, after having been home to more than 7 billion inhabitants, ran into its desertification future due to bad governance and insensitivity, due to the greed of its rulers, lack of understanding of the future implications of their actions.

The call is for inquisitive publications – including texts, images, videos, podcasts, reports, and references––that considers critically our possible future as green, red or white.

The contributors, coming from fields ranging from journalism to science, philosophy, literature, design, technology, history, and politics, will elaborate in a PechaKucha

format on the theme of “green future” and help construct a linguistic as well as material vocabulary associated with the notions of restorative and regenerative design.


PechaKucha Night is free, family-friendly, and fun! PK speakers share ideas, spark meaningful conversations, and make new connections. Pecha Kucha (usually pronounced "pe-chak'-cha"), is the Japanese word for chitchat due to the lively conversation that happens during intermission at every event.

Selected speakers will give quick presentations that include 20 images shown for 20 seconds each for a total of six minutes and forty seconds

If you need more information, please contact


Application procedures require the submission of the following information

  • a 500 words text document (spaces included) including title, description of the topic and its goals, a short bio and a declaration to be able to self fund expenses to join the Dubai presentation venue, if shortlisted

  • 5 out of 20 images as a series of single jpg files (image size 1600x1200 px) numbered in ascending order in one folder labeled: title_name_surname

All the above must be included in a single zipped folder file and sent to

Within the end of October selected applicants will be announced
The deadline for the final submission will be the 5 of November


Looking Forward to your submissions!

PechaKucha Night
Application Deadline 28 October
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