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UAE Modern


14 -15 NOVEMBER 2017

The Conference organised for the Dubai Design Week gathers together scholars, professionals, institutional bodies and likeminded individuals involved in modern architecture heritage research and practice

The initiative aims at spreading awareness on the value of architectural experimentation and achievements of the period between the 1950s and the 1980s, in which the UAE and their neighbour countries shifted from their traditional urban and architectural settings to cope with the challenges that were emerging from fast economic growth.

The Themes, the Panels and the Contributors

“Places, Identity and Memory”


What matters most in architectural conservation

Khawla Al Hashimi Head of Design, Shurooq

Mario Cucinella, Founder MC A Architects, School of Sustainability

Rashad Bukhash Chairman, Architectural Heritage Society

Adina Hempel Assistant Professor, Zayed University


Change with/versus conservation

Monica Mazzolani, Antonio Troisi, Associate Directors MTAA, Milan

Idrees Rasouli Course Leader, IDEA, Ravensbourne (UK)

Marco Sosa, Associate Professor, Zayed University

Amel Chabbi Head, Building Conservation Unit, TCA Abu Dhabi


“Leading Practices for the Conservation of Modern Architecture”

Challenges, Strategies and Actions

Andrea Pane, Associate Professor of Architecture Conservation, University of Naples

Noura Al Sayeh, Head, Arch. Affairs, Bahrain Authority for Culture, Antiquities

Andrea Canziani, Docomomo International

Asseel Al-Ragam, Assistant Professor of Architecture, Kuwait University

George Arbid, Aca and Docomomo Lebanon


The emergence of Modernism as a reflection of Societal needs

Eman Assi, Heritage expert, Dubai Municipality

Maryam Mudhaffar Expert Modern Architecture in the UAE

George Katodrytis, Professor and Head, Dept. Architecture, AUS



Conservation of Architecture in the 21st Century: 

An application of six realities in the study of architectural heritage and their use in the transformation of existing buildings

Idrees Rasouli Course Leader, IDEA, Ravensbourne (UK)

Sophie Johnson, Assistant Professor, Canadian University Dubai

Joaquin Busch, Lecturer, Canadian University Dubai



How to make a Conservation Plan

Georges Arbid, Aca and Docomomo Lebanon

Andrea Canziani, Docomomo International

Monica Mazzolani, Associate Director MTAA, Milan

Amel Chabbi Head, Building Conservation Unit, TCA Abu Dhabi

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