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Local Cultures
in Global Settings:
the Contest


The participants in the “Local Cultures in Global Settings” contest are invited to design a work consisting of a geometric or figurative pattern using the natural ceramic surfaces of Iris Ceramica Group. The artwork will be created using the Group’s patented “Design Your Slabs” printing solution used to create any image or illustration on its surfaces. Supporting the initiative are also Iris Ceramica Group’s local partners in the UAE. 

The submitted design proposals may be of two types: for interiors, and architectural envelopes. The Contest, with free participation, is open to all architecture, art and design professionals who have graduated since 2013. The deadline for submission of the designs is 31 July 2023.

Roberto Burle Marx was chosen as a reference figure, for his ability to abstract local cultural values, drawing inspiration, into memorable images. In a time of uncertainty over the future, the aim of the project is to save that which is most dear to us: our roots and the ties with the world we have inherited and that we would like to hand on to the generations to come. 


With this important initiative, Iris Ceramica Group aims to share experiences of projects focusing on the 17 SDGs of the UN Agenda 2030, offering constructive dialogue among professionals, scholars and institutional organisations working in sustainability and the passage to the circular economy. The Group has been working in the Persian Gulf since the early 1990s, and with its brands has contributed to the creation of successful architecture stories in the United Arab Emirates. 


Global Media Partner is the international architecture magazine The Plan.

For more information on the Contest, 
read the call at the link:

Press Office Iris Ceramica Group


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